Product Designer at Aquera and Building Products

Previously helped over 25+ clients develop product strategy and design.



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Aquera is helping integration around identity management platform rollouts and to streamline the associated identity management process and analytics workflows.


A one-stop destination for unbiased Fact checks about contemporary issues, historical claims, and in


Espravo is eclectic mix of art prints, gallery walls and picture frames, all customizable and ready to blend with your aesthetics.

178 Degrees

A178 Degrees sells premium New Zealand foodstuffs. We source only the best and sustainably managed produce to be sold in Hong Kong.


Helping entrepreneurs to sell their products to an engaging audience through live streaming.

And much more.

Wedance, FirstU, ZestMoney, and other offsite clients.

I’ve also designed and developed my own products ToolStash and DesignStack